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Our Capabilites.
For all of your landscaping needs.
Landscaping Rock, Red Rock, Pea Rock,  Black Dirt and Boulders. Need help choosing the right plants for your landscaping project?
For all of your heavy equipment needs.
Backhoe Work, Pay Loader Work, Road Grader Work, Dozer Work, Skid Loader Work or Snow Removal.
For all of your concrete needs.
Basements, Stamped Concrete, Colored Concrete, Stained Concrete, Garages, Shops, Driveways, Patios, etc.
For all of your gravel needs.
Gravel Hauling, Road Grader Work, Crushed Gravel, Screened Gravel, Pit Run Gravel, Oversized Rock, 1" Washed Rock.
Our Company.
Services We Offer.
Odland Construction & Gravel and our employees always bring a sense of urgency and professionalism to each project. We believe each job we undertake should be done on time and on budget. Concrete and Gravel has been our business for over four decades, and our concrete and gravel applications can be counted on!

Odland Construction & Gravel is one of the most dependable & ethical concrete and gravel  companies in the Redfield area. We've built our reputation on the hard work and expertise of our employees, and invite you to view our list of services today. We'd love for you to join the ranks of our customers and benefit from our full range of services and commitment to excellence.
Odland Construction & Gravel offer a wide variety of services. If you are interested in a new concrete basement, a shop floor or gravel and grader work on your township road, we can help.
  • For All Types of Concrete Work
  • For All Types of Gravel Work
  • For All Heavy Equipment Work
  • Landscaping Materials & Consultations
  • All Snow Removal Services
Applications & Products.
About Us.
Odland Construction
110 West 7th Avenue
Redfield, SD 57469
1 (605) 460-1596

Odland Gravel
1123 West 5th Street
Redfield, SD 57469
1 (605) 460-1597
Stamped Concrete
Stained Concrete
Colored Concrete
Concrete Basements
Concrete Steps
Garage Floors
Shop Floors
Gravel (Various Sizes)
Pit Run Gravel
Crushed Gravel
1" Oversized Rock
Screened Gravel
Pea Rock
Red Rock
Black Dirt
Odland Construction is located in Redfield, South Dakota and has been owned and operated by Tim Odland since 1974. Tim has been working in the construction industry for decades and has over 40 years worth of experience. To expand and grow the family business...

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